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Why Intro to Pole is a prerequisite

We are often asked why Gravity Arts considers attending the Intro to Pole course as a prerequisite for getting into the Beginner 1 course. Here is the explanation.

Build up technique & skills

An essential part of pole dancing is technique. It is not only about lifting your body into the most fantastic position, but also about stabilizing the body and especially the joints. To do this, you need a technique in particular, and that’s exactly what we lay the foundation for in the Intro to Pole course. During 4 weeks we will give you the most important basics so that you can safely start your journey and enter the Beginner 1 course. You will learn clips, first tricks and spins as well as floor moves in the intro and especially what is technically important. With this knowledge, you can easily join the Beginner 1 course and keep up with the other students and further develop your knowledge and skills. This way you can dance frustration-free and happy on and around the pole.

Health & safety first

As a studio and team, it is important for us to send you healthy and safe on your pole dance journey. We accompany you step by step, give you the necessary knowledge about the right technique, and make sure that you can build up strength continuously. Right from the beginning and over the whole time. We always make sure that you train with the right technique and thus protect your joints and your body as a whole. Because pole dancing is especially demanding for the shoulders and wrists. We take care of this already in the warm-up and make sure that your joints are well warmed up and prepared. With this and by paying a lot of attention to technique during the training we avoid and prevent overloading. Because only if you take care of your body and train in a healthy way, you will enjoy it for a lifetime. 

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