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Aaand Action! 4 reasons to film yourself while training

I love my trainings, I really do. I love creating, learning new movements, combinations and simply fly on the pole. But I mostly train by myself as I have no one around that can come to the studio at the same times as me. But how do I know what I am doing wrong if I can’t actually see myself doing it? How do I know it looks nice? Because of this, I do one thing: I film myself. Below you will find a list of reasons why you should start to do it too!

Be your own instructor

When I teach, I pretty much analyze all the movements my students do. I check if the use their muscles correctly, if they place their points of contact right, if they have the proper tension in their body. To feel this yourself is mostly not so easy, that is why you go to classes.So whenever I learn something new (that does not need a spot, to be clear!) I film myself doing it. This way I analyze my movements the same way, as I would do watching someone else. And film my next try again.

How does it really look like?

While creating a routine I sometimes get lost in the music. I move how I feel it fits the beats think “THAT IS PERFECT!”. Then I film it, watch it and realize, my movements were way too small! There is a difference between just dancing for yourself and enjoy the moment or creating a piece that you want to show and audience. When you watch yourself move you can see through the eyes of a spectator in the audience and decide, what you would like to see on stage. This will make your performance so much better when you don’t have the help of another person to give their opinion. Plus, we always are our worst critics.

Find your own style!

We often tend to work on things we have seen other people do and this is great. Instagram and Facebook made this kind of movement research very easy and offer a lot of inspiration. But is there a way to find your own kind of moves? Josh Taylor once gave me the best tip to improve my uniqueness (not that I would call myself unique, but I at least try!). I used to just stick combos and dance moves together I learnt from other polers around the world but never tried to find my own way. So he gave me the task to film myself during a freestyle. Nothing special yet. But that actual task was to experiment with movements, go ways and transitions I have never done before. Follow, where my body is being pulled. Let’s be honest, 85% of the material was fails, BUT I discovered movements I have never exactly watched someone do in this exact way. And because I filmed them I can watch it again as most of the time I don’t have a clue what the heck I am doing. And try it again!

Inspire others!

Through filming yourself you can inspire other pole dancers around the world! We can learn from everyone but even if you think nobody cares what you are doing, there maybe pole monkey out there who would love to follow your journey. Social Media is a great tool for connecting us all beyond borders. Of course a great trick looks nice on a picture, but how about showing how you got in? How do you descend? And if you decide to just share a moment, print screen is also a good option without struggling with a timer.

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