Kurs- und Jahresplan Gravity Arts

Our annual & course period plan

You like to have an overview, you like to plan ahead or you just want to be able to look up, if desired, if what takes place when? We got you! In addition to the course schedule, we have noted more dates & events for you in the new year. But one after the other…

#1 Eine Seite, alle Daten

Now you can find the Gravity Arts course schedule directly on our website. Thereby it is recorded:

  • The exact dates of each course period
  • The holidays on which the studio will be closed
  • The different Flow Weekends & Workshops
  • PSO Competition in Zurich
  • All other planned events

#2 Duration of the course periods - same same, but different

In general, our course periods last 8 weeks. We always make sure to schedule the course periods to match the calendar months (Jan/Feb, Mar/Apr, etc.).

Depending on how the weeks are distributed throughout the year, it may happen that a course period is one week shorter or longer. Holidays also have an influence on the length or number of lessons of a course period.

#3 Price adjustment depending on the duration of the course period

According to the duration of the course period, the price of the course period or subscription will also be adjusted. If a course period lasts e.g. one week longer or your lessons are cancelled in one week due to a holiday, we will adjust the amount of your invoice accordingly.

#4 Invoicing

We bill every 2 months. The invoices are automatically triggered on the 1st of every second month. You can find them in your account when you log in with your personal login on our website.

#5 Subscription cancellation

We will also inform you about the start of the upcoming course period via the class WhatsApp groups. If you want to cancel your subscription, you have to inform us via email up to 7 days before the start of the new course period. We will record your cancellation accordingly and you do not need to do anything else.

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