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Catch up lessons – when & how

Gravity Arts teaches according to a set pole dance concept, which is based on several levels and individual lessons. In order to take into account that sometimes other appointments prevent participation in lessons, we use the principle of catch-up lessons. In this article, you’ll find all the information on when and how to use your catch-up lessons.

Learn something new & build on what you have learned

The pole dance concept of Gravity Arts is based on several levels. Each level teaches different techniques, moves, tricks and spins. These form the basis for the techniques, moves, tricks and spins in the next higher level.

In order to build on what has been learned as well as to be able to teach, repeat and consolidate new things and to achieve the greatest learning effect, we work with constant classes. Each student has a regular class that takes place on a fixed day at a fixed time. This way, the trainer can optimally respond to each participant and specifically address the students of the respective course or class when designing the lessons.

When life interferes - catch-up lessons as solution

We’ve all been there: Sometimes life interferes, and plans must be adjusted. You might get sick, have other commitments or want to go on vacation – yay! Being able to attend courses flexibly and according to your own individual weekly schedule would therefore be perfect from a personal perspective, of course.

At the same time, this collides with a teaching concept that builds up on levels. But collisions are like unscheduled commitments: You can avoid them 😉 We do this by offering our students catch-up lessons so that missed lessons are not lost.

Canceling lessons

Gravity Arts students can unregister from a lesson at least 1 hour before the lesson starts. This is done through the Whats App group chat that each class has, and students are automatically added to by their instructor.

These excused missed lessons can then be caught up on. If the cancellation happens some time in advance (e.g. when vacations are coming up), excused lessons can also be caught up in advance.

It is important to note that only excused lessons can be caught up. An unexcused no-show does not count as a cancellation or excused lesson.

Number of follow-up collections

Per course period (8 weeks), a maximum of three catch-up lessons per student can be used. These can be redeemed during the same or the following course period.

So if a student cancels a lesson, e.g. in January, they can catch up on it until the end of April. This ensures that our students have enough time to make up missed lessons.

Arrangements for catch-up lessons

While it is possible to cancel a lesson with a short message in the WhatsApp group chat of the respective class, missed and excused lessons can be arranged via email. Students can simply request the desired catch-up date via email to Gravity Arts, and we will allocate the places according to capacity. If the requested date is already fully booked, we will send alternative dates.

Important: Missed lessons can be caught up at the same or a lower level. In addition, agreed-upon catch-up lessons cannot be made up.

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