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Work out like a ballerina

Enjoy a barre workout at the ballet barre

You want to train your legs, get a crisp butt, defined arms and a toned abdomen as well as more flexibility? Then our Barre Workout is exactly what you need. This athletic and dynamic workout is completed on the ballet barre. The full-body workout draws heavily on figures and movements from classical ballet. These are combined with gymnastic elements. In addition, elements from yoga or Pilates are also integrated. In short: You subject your body to a holistic training while the ballet feeling comes fully to bear. Because very similar to the training of professional ballet dancers, the Barre Workout also challenges the entire body.

Structure of a Barre Lesson

With the help of small hand weights or balls we work on strengthening and defining the individual body parts. At the same time, the Barre Workout is also an effective cardio workout. While we work on body definition with versatile exercises, we increase our heart rate by means of speed. This is how we really work up a sweat. Our well-trained and experienced trainers with their know-how and good music make sure that you stay motivated and have fun during the whole lesson.
This also has the positive effect of promoting coordination and a sense of rhythm during the barre workout. This in turn can be beneficial in everyday life. The holistic approach also benefits the posture. This improves thanks to the strengthened muscles and also increased flexibility. Stronger muscles can carry you through everyday life and support you better. The flexibility contributes to accident prevention in other sports activities. Our Barre Workout lessons are designed so that anyone can participate. No matter how old you are or what previous knowledge you have, our instructors can always customize the exercises for you so you can follow along easily. Sign up for an upcoming Barre lesson and begin your journey to a stronger, more defined and fit body. All with the different ballet workout called Barre.
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