Pilates Training Fitness Workout Zürich Oerlikon


Train your body

Strengthen your muscles & your core

A systematic whole-body workout on the mat, which strengthens especially the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles - that's Pilates.

Pilates on the mat Pilates strengthens your body without putting too much stress on your joints. The focus is on the muscles in your back and abdomen, i.e. your core. This way Pilates helps to strengthen your muscles and especially to improve your posture. This has a positive effect on your entire everyday life. With the help of specific breathing rhythms you strengthen and stretch your muscles at the same time. After the lessons you will not only feel fitter and stronger, but also balanced and relaxed. The classes are suitable for all levels. Regardless of age or fitness level – everyone is welcome. Either over lunch or in the evening. Our experienced trainers ensure that individual needs are covered.

Post Partum Pilates

The time after birth is wonderful. But we tend to focus only on the baby. In doing so, we forget that the mother is also “reborn” after giving birth. The body begins to change again. Adapting to the new circumstances and at the same time regressing in certain areas.
Pilates Training Fitness Workout Zürich Oerlikon
This process occurs quite naturally. However, it should and can be additionally supported with appropriate exercises. This is exactly what our postpartum classes are designed for. They are specially designed for new moms and support them in regaining their own strength and self-love. The focus is on the pelvic floor or pelvic floor muscles, diastesi recti and spinal mobility. In this way, you will help your body regain its initial strength and rebuild into a healthy shape. At the same time, we’ll make sure you feel wonderful with optimally suited stretching exercises. Long unused parts of the body will be targeted and stretched. In this way you regain full function of all regions and feel yourself fully again. Before booking, make sure that your doctor gives you permission to start training.
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