Beginner 2
Monday, 20:35 – 21:50

In the Pole Dance Beginner 2 Level you will learn new spins and tricks by doing combos on the static and spinning pole. Here you also consolidate already learned moves. We also emphasize the dance aspect and an aesthetic execution of the combos.

As soon as you have mastered all pole dance moves from the Pole Dance Beginner 1 level, you can advance to this Pole Dance Beginner 2 level. When it is time, your trainer will discuss with you individually.

Pole lessons take place once a week for 2 months (8 x 75 minutes). The Pole subscription will be invoiced every 2nd month at the beginning of the month. Cancellations of subscriptions are accepted by e-mail up to 7 days before the start of the new term.

From: 240.00 CHF every 2 months