Intro to Pole
10.06. to 01.07. / 10:55

Get the basics to get started with pole dancing in the Intro to Pole course. In this 4-week beginner course you will learn the most important techniques of pole dancing. After that you can join a regular Beginner 1 course. The class will be held on Saturday, June 10 – July 1, 10.55 – 12.10.

What prerequisites do you need for the Intro to Pole class? None 🙂

For the lessons you need normal sportswear. Please bring shorts for the acrobatic poses on the pole. You should also bring a towel and a water bottle. Pole dancing is done barefoot or in socks. More details can be found in our blog “The equipment for your pole dance journey”.

Instructor: Simona

149.00 CHF

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