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Train your body & mind

Train with yoga your body & find your inner balance

Balance your body and mind while staying fit and flexible. Here you will find the perfect combination of physical training and emotional and mental relaxation. With our dynamic yoga lessons over lunch or in the evening we provide strength and balance at the same time. We use the Vinyasa method. With it, your breathing and movements are synchronized in flowing sequences of movements. The so called Vinyasa Flows keep you moving while at the same time you can let your mind flow. With the help of a short meditation at the end of the lesson we support you to find your center even better. You will leave the studio refreshed and full of energy. Our yoga lessons are suitable for everyone and require no previous experience. Whether young or old, our Vinyasa lessons are suitable for everyone and none is the same. All movements are put together in a certain way, but in which form or order can be completely different.
Thus, Vinyasa is a free and also creative style that always provides variety. There is no room for boredom here. Thanks to this freedom and their profound knowledge, the trained instructors can respond to individual physical requirements and thus ensure that everyone feels comfortable in the lessons and gets the best out of them. With Vinyasa you get a holistic workout: Your body stays fit, your muscles trained, your flexibility improved and your mood balanced – the perfect combination. Visit us in our studio in Oerlikon and get involved in a healthy journey for body and mind.
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