the pole dance show

The Pole Show

The one and only pole dance show

Once a year the Pole Show takes place

Let yourself be carried away into a world full of grace and passion!

Once a year, we create a captivating spectacle with the Pole Show, which provides an insight into the diverse world of pole dancing and shows the entire range of this fascinating sport and art form.

Be enchanted by international pole stars at Millers and experience the concentrated charge of the entire pole community. In addition to renowned pole artists, you will also have the opportunity to see the Gravity Arts Team on stage and experience the impressive variety of styles, forms and expressions in pole dancing.

From powerful acrobatic moves to sensual elegance – we have it all and everyone is sure to get their money’s worth.

Get your tickets now and immerse yourself in the magic of Gravity Arts’ pole show and let us beguile your senses and inspire your spirit!

Next Pole Show on Sunday, 26. November 2023

Pole Show 2022

Line up
Gravity Arts | Rachel Tolzman (CH) | Pole Acrobatics | Jakub Kolasa (UK) | Glow Sports Club | Showgirl School | Louise Wawrzynska (IT) | Claudia Renee (US) | Showgirl School | Gravity Arts

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Pole Show 2019

Line up
Jazzy K (CH) | Poledance Luzern | Evgeny Greshilov (RUS) | Pole and Dance | Kira Noire (RUS) | Pole Acrobatics | Dancerella | Maria Julia (FR) | Evgeny & Kira (RUS) | Pole Art Basel | Bendy Kate (UK) | Gravity Arts

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Pole Show 2018

Line up
Poledance Luzern | Vane Lunatica (ES) | Saltatio | Sasha Meow (LV) | Pole Acrobatics | Dancerella | Nicolas Casanova (FR) | Pole Art Basel | Lisette Krol & Terri Fierce (IR) | Gravity Arts

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Pole Show 2017

Line up
Gravity Arts | Mystique Pole DanceDoris Arnold (FR) | Poledance Luzern | Sarah Scott (UK) | Pole Arts Basel | Carmine Black | Gravity Arts | Brandon Grimm (US) | Pole AcrobaticsLisette Krol & Terri Fierce (IR)

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