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Das Studio for Pole Dance, Stretching, Heels & more

Hi - nice you are here! We are pleased to introduce you to our studio and our offers in the areas of Body, Pole & Dance.

In our studio for Pole Dance, Pilates, Yoga & more you will reach your goals. We’ll help you build your strength and flexibility. You’ll also get just the right boost for your body and self-esteem. Last but not least, movement and dance provide the perfect balance to everyday life.

Benefit from our many years of experience and passion. Our team ensures the highest quality & fun in the lessons, while our values always come into play.

Start your training now!

Take your time to look around & put together your individual training plan from our three areas Body, Pole & Dance. Afterwards you can book lessons & courses directly in our shop. If you have any questions, please let us know. We are also available for a personal consultation.


Yoga, Stretching & mehr

You want to do something for your well-being and fitness? Then you’ve come to the right place. From building your muscles and boosting your circulation to increasing your flexibility, strength and endurance, it’s all here.

Let’s work together and push your fitness!


Pole Dance, Heels Flow, Pole Flow & more

Interested in pole dancing? With us, everything revolves around the pole – even our students. Showing you the fascinating world of pole dancing has been our passion for over 10 years and we put all our experience into it.

Let’s take off together – defy gravity with us!


Chair Dance, Floor Flow, Lap Dance & more

Here the focus is on dancing. With a chair, on the floor, in heels, in socks, sensual, provocative or dynamic, slow or rather fast: There are no limits to the choice. The common denominator is clear: It’s all about you, the music and your sensuality – free of any judgement.

Let’s get moving together – come sway & dance with us!