Pole dance for everybody

Interested in pole dancing? In our studio, everything revolves around the pole. We are very passionate about pole dance and we cannot wait to share our world with you! Guiding you are Switzerland’s best instructors, with years of experience in performance and teaching.

Let's take off together – defy gravity with us!

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Does Pole dancing fascinate you? In the trial lesson, you will get an insight into your future pole home and get to know our pole community as well as first spins and moves on the pole.

Get the basics to get started with pole dancing in our Intro to Pole course. In this 4-week beginner course, you will learn the most important techniques of pole dancing and prepare yourself perfectly for your first Beginner 1 course.

You will find more detailed information in this Blog.

Find out in our Blog what you need to bring to your pole dance lesson.


Our Drop-Ins are separately bookable single lessons, with focus on single elements of pole dance like flexibility, power & flow.

In our Pole Practice lessons, you have the possibility to train independently and together with your pole buddies in our studios and to consolidate what you have learned from the lessons.

You want to prepare yourself for a show or competition? Rent our studio by the hour and work undisturbed on your next performance.

We always offer new video tutorials , with which you can learn new tricks or choreographies from the comfort of your own home.

On our course page you will get an overview of all specials including information and sample video.

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