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Bleib an der Stange - Pole & Non-Pole Tutorials

For all those who can not (regularly) attend our lessons in the studio, we have provided a colorful bouquet of tutorials here.

The tutorials can be purchased individually and as desired. With your booking you get access to the corresponding tutorial for 60 days. To access the tutorials, you only need to log in to the website with your account and select the menu item “Tutorials”. As a dropdown or subcategory you will find the individual listing of all your purchased tutorials.

Start and end each of your training sessions together with us in the form of a common warm up and cool down:

Warm Up

A good Warm Up is a prerequisite to prepare you perfectly for your workout and prevent injuries. In this video we will give you a complete Warm Up to follow along and make sure that your body is ideally warmed up, your joints are mobilized and your muscles are activated. Let’s do this!

Cool Down

After a training session, an appropriate cool down is mandatory. As a counterpart to the Warm Up, your circulation comes to rest here, muscles and joints that are used a lot are lightly stretched and the regeneration is supported.

Find a wide selection of Pole & Non-Pole Tutorials

Pole Tutorials

Missed a workout or just have some time to work on your pole skills at home? Our trainers will guide you in our video tutorials and show you what is important in the individual tricks and moves. This way you can build up and expand your basics, eliminate “bad” habits and hone the details.

Non-Pole Tutorials

No poles at home? No problem! With our numerous non-pole tutorials you can not only continue your training at home, but also expand it. Here you will find important basics of different dance styles, stretching videos and much more. Get the boost and influence your pole training positively – you can do this, let’s go!