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Pole Dance Blogpost

Hello from the other side

If you now think of the song by Adele, you’re not entirely wrong. It’s really about “the other side”, which sometimes seems to be miles …

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Pole goes Teens

After the summer vacations, we will also offer pole dance classes for teens. Girls and boys, between 14 and 19 years old, who want to …

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Exotic Pole Dance Zürich

Which Exotic Pole Level suits?

Exotic Pole Dance goes back to the origins of the pole, the sensual side is emphasized by wearing platform shoes and mainly using the lower …

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Pole Dance mis Maske Zürich

Dance with the mask

Since yesterday, October 26th, a general mask obligation applies in our studio. The reactions to it were different. The topic polarizes and accordingly, opinions differ. …

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Stretching Kurse Zürich

Aaand Action! 4 reasons to film yourself while training

I love my trainings, I really do. I love creating, learning new movements, combinations and simply fly on the pole. But I mostly train by …

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Gravity Arts Team thinking

Spinning Pole – friend or enemy?

The question is controversially discussed and opinions can differ greatly: Is the Spinning Pole friend or enemy? But no matter to which camp you belong …

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