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The rules of pole dancing

The Gravity Arts community and the entire pole dance community worldwide are very open and inclusive...
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Pole Dance Grip Aids

Grip Aid Guide

Which pole dance grip suits you best? In this blog post we present the most important...
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FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions

Overcoming insecurities

We're aware that starting something new can be not just exciting but also challenging...
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10 reasons to start with pole dance

Pole dancing is a wonderful thing, regardless of whether you do it as a hobby, regularly take part in competitions or...
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Pole Dance Blogpost

Hello from the other side

If you're thinking of the song by Adele, you're not entirely wrong. It's actually about "the other side", which sometimes seems to be miles away...
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Spinning Pole – friend or enemy?

The question is controversial and opinions can differ widely: Is the spinning pole friend or foe? But no matter which camp you belong to, here ...
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poledance walk stretching

The equipment for your pole dance travel

What does it actually take to be perfectly equipped for pole dance training?
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