Floor Flow Kurse Zürich


Work that floor!

Use the floor as your dance partner in Floor Flow & Floorwork


We not only teach beautiful choreographies, but also the basic and advanced techniques for floor tricks, spins and moves.


We specialize in flow and show you how to seamlessly combine floor tricks. You’re sure to find your own floor flow with us.


With highly qualified trainers and over 12 years of teaching experience, we are leaders in our field and are constantly developing.

Discover the floor as a dance partner in our Floor Flow lessons

Floor Flow is a fascinating dance form in which the floor is seen as an essential dance partner. With different choreographies, you will gain a deeper connection with the floor and discover the versatility of floorwork.

Learn how every movement uses the floor as an instrument and how the variety of moves and styles perfectly complements your pole dance choreographies. Discover inspiration for pole dance, lap dance and chair dance to enrich your dance.

Diverse floorwork techniques for every style

Learn spins, rolls, tricks and dance moves as part of Floorworks and Floor Flow. Discover different techniques to glide elegantly, weightlessly, sexily and dynamically from A to B or move on the spot. Our Floor Flow and Floorwork is suitable for all levels – no previous experience necessary. Whether you have dance or sports experience, our instructors will adapt the moves to your needs so you can follow along safely and take home some great choreography.

Holistic training for body, muscles, flexibility and coordination with floorwork

Our Floor Flow and Floorwork lessons offer a holistic workout that strengthens your entire body and improves your muscles, flexibility and coordination. With or without heels, what counts most when it comes to clothing is your well-being and freedom of movement.

Important note on knee pads in the Floor Flow lesson

Knee pads are essential for a comfortable training experience. If you don’t have any, we offer knee pads in the studio or online in our store to protect your knees and ensure comfort.

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Class Passes

Whether you are new to us or not – with the Class Passes you can flexibly attend Floor Flow lessons of your choice.

2 for 1

2 classes for 1
CHF 49 for 2 classes
  • 2 Classes
  • Valid 1 month

1 Class Pass

Single Class Pole, Heels, Floor, etc.
CHF 49 per class
  • 1 Single Class
  • Valid 1 month

5 Class Pass

Pole, Heels, Floor, etc.
CHF 220 44.- per class
  • 5 Classes
  • Valid 3 months