Floor Flow Kurse Zürich


Work that floor!

Use the floor as a dance partner in Floor Flow

In Floor Flow we focus on the floor as a dance partner and learn to appreciate it as a friend with different choreographies. All moves in Floor Flow use the floor as an instrument and are performed on or with the floor. The range of possible moves and styles is very diverse and complements your pole dance choreographies perfectly. But also for other dance styles, from Heels Dance, to Pole Flow, to Lap Dance or Chair Dance you will get more inspiration and the possibility to complement your dance further. In addition to various spins, rolls, tricks and dance moves on the floor, we will also look at different techniques and movements to get from A to B in an elegant and weightless or sexy and dynamic way – or even to move on the spot. The possibilities are endless and the variety great. Unless otherwise noted, our Floor Flow lessons are suitable for all levels. This means that you don’t need to have any previous dance experience. It doesn’t matter if you already have dance experience or if you are a regular dancer: Floor Flow is suitable for everyone. Our instructors can adapt the content or the moves to your needs, so that you can always follow along. It is important to us that you leave our lesson with a good feeling and a great choreography.
During the lessons you train your whole body and your muscles. At the same time you improve your flexibility and coordination. The lessons can be attended with or without heels. Also in terms of clothing everything is possible – the main thing is that you feel comfortable and can move freely. However, it is important that you bring knee pads. Your knees will surely thank you. If you don’t have knee pads, you can buy some directly in the studio or online in our store, we offer both black and skin colored ones.