Pole Dance Video-Tutorials


Your complementary training at home

You want to conquer the ground for yourself?

We’ll give you four Floor Intermediate tutorials along the way & show you what’s crucial on the way to becoming a Floor Flow Queen & how you can improve your skills even more from home. Take the chance to practice on your own at home with our Floor Intermediate Tutorials. We wish you a lot of fun!


Variations upon variations – there is hardly a floor trick that can be as versatile as the shoulder roll. How to perfect the shoulder roll and add new movements we show you in this tutorial.

Russian Slam

One of the favorite moves of many floor flow specialists and once learned it can become more complex and explosive with a little practice and the right technique. In this tutorial we’ll show you different ways in which your Russian Slan can take you and how you can develop it further.

"I feel limited despite the basics & like I'm always repeating myself"

A feeling we know from many intermediate students. Here are a few tips on how to build and complete your floor flow.

Keep it clean

For floor tricks, too, the cleaner the better. To get the full effect of your floor flow skills, make sure you execute each move cleanly. Set a clear beginning and a clear end, pay attention to the execution and work on connecting the movements.

"Allowing the body to move more freely".

Since you have already mastered the basics, you can now experiment. Listen to your body, let it lead and try to follow it. Often new, individual movement patterns emerge while you least expect it and completely unconsciously. Filming yourself while freestyling can also help you discover unconscious movement patterns.

Don't overdo it

Even if your skills are now diverse and you have mastered difficult floor tricks, it is not always necessary to unpack them all in the same choreo. Remember that the basics also have their place and are just as beautiful as difficult tricks when executed cleanly.

Leg Rotations

We also affectionately call it “Leg Magic”, because with the legs you can create beautiful, circular movements that will amaze the audience. So they are a good way to increase your flow by a few levels and to enchant your audience.


A trick that can still cause difficulties even for intermediates. That’s why our motto is “practice early”. This way you don’t get used to the wrong movements, but can learn correctly from scratch with our tips. We show you how and why a shoulder stand works and what you have to pay attention to during training.

Pole training at home

There are also poles for home, which can be conveniently clamped between the floor & ceiling (without any screws). However, the purchase of your own pole needs to be considered carefully, as they cost between CHF 250.- and 350.- – but they will last a pole’s lifetime. We recommend to buy only poles from a trustworthy manufacturer, because we would like to avoid any “pole-fails”. Here you can find the X-Poles for your training at home. You have another pole in mind? We will be happy to advise you, just contact us by email.

Pole training in the studio

You want to train regularly for you, but you have no space or pole at home? No problem, we have the solution! With the Studio Access you get your own badge and your personal access to our studio 7 days a week. Train when and how you want, no matter if pole dance, floor flow, pilates, stretching or strength training. We provide you with the space or a pole and you will also find various aids in the studio, such as yoga mats, blocks, weights, balls, etc..

Still want to expand your training?

Have questions about your training or your pole journey in general? Contact us via email, social media or talk to us directly on site in person. We are happy to help you at any time.