Pole Dance Studio Zürich stretching


Work the pole!

Move powerfully & elegantly around the poles in the pole dance course


We teach all aspects of pole dance. In addition to tricks & spins on the static and spinning pole, we also focus on the dance aspect.


We specialize in the flow around the poles and show you how to seamlessly combine pole moves. You’re sure to find your own flow with us.


With highly qualified trainers & over 12 years of experience in teaching pole dance, we are leaders in our field and are constantly developing.

Discover our unique pole dance teaching concept

Our pole dance teaching concept is the result of years of development and refinement. It encompasses all facets of this sport and art form, including spins, tricks and dance moves in progressive course levels. With a pole dance course at Gravity Arts, you will learn the entire color palette.

Pole dance course of the highest quality

Our trainers have been ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety since 2010. We place particular emphasis on artistic expression and the aesthetic execution of combos and choreographies on the static and spinning pole. With us, you will learn all facets of pole dancing. Our studio is not just a place to dance, but a home for the inclusive pole community, where you will always feel welcome and in good hands.

Experienced, trained, committed: Our pioneering pole dance team

The expertise of our team is exceptional. Many of our members have more than 10 years of teaching experience and a wide range of training courses. But our quest for knowledge never ends. We are constantly striving to develop and learn in order to stay up to date.

For many years, we have been actively passing on our accumulated knowledge, skills and experience to make pole dance lessons not only safer, but also of a higher quality. Our goal is to enrich the pole dance community through continuous development and knowledge sharing.

Built up pole dance levels

Start with the Pole Basics lessons and then go through the individual levels step by step.

Pole Basics

Hol dir die Grundlagen, um mit Pole Dance durchzustarten.

In these lessons you will learn the most important techniques of pole dancing. After completing at least 12 lessons, you can go straight into Pole Level 1.

Pole Basics

Pole Level 1 - 6

Erweitere deine Pole Dance Fähigkeiten in aufsteigenden Levels.

Using combos on the static & spinning pole, you will constantly learn new spins & tricks and consolidate moves you have already learned.

Pole Level 1 - 6
Here we go

Only 3 steps to your desired pole lesson.


Do you already have pole dancing experience? Take the quiz to find out which level suits you best.


There’s everything from “2 for 1” to Class Passes and Pole Membership. Find the right offer for you below.


Book your desired pole lessons directly via the course schedule on the website or via our own app.


Don’t have any pole experience yet? We got you! Go to our starter kit and get all the information and tips & tricks.

Class Passes

Whether you are new to us or not –
with the Class Passes you can attend flexible pole dance lessons of your choice.

2 for 1

2 classes for 1
CHF 49 for 2 classes
  • 2 Pole Classes
  • Valid for 1 month

1 Class Pass

Single Class Pole, Heels, Floor, etc.
CHF 49 per class
  • 1 Single Class
  • Valid for 1 month

5 Class Pass

Pole, Heels, Floor, etc.
CHF 220 44.- per class
  • 5 Pole Classes
  • Valid 3 months

10 Class Pass

Pole, Heels, Floor, etc.
CHF 420 42.- per class
  • 10 Pole Basic Classes
  • Valid 3 months


Interested in learning pole dancing from home? Check out our free tutorials with or without pole.

Pole Membership & Top Ups

We believe that loyalty should be rewarded.
With our Pole Membership and the additionally bookable Top-up Class Passes, we offer you the best deal.

3 Month Pole Membership

CHF 156 per month
  • 12 Pole Classes
  • Valid 3 months

4 Top-up Class Pass

Pole Membership Plus
CHF 136 34.- per class
  • 4 Extra Classes
  • Added to Pole Membership

8 Top-up Class Pass

Pole Membership Plus
CHF 256 32.- per class
  • 8 Extra Classes
  • Added to Pole Membership

12 Top-up Class Pass

Pole Membership Plus
CHF 348 29.- per class
  • 12 Extra Classes
  • Added to Pole Membership