Pole Dance Video-Tutorials


Your complementary training at home

Still at the beginning of your pole dancing journey?

You want to go high? We’re giving you four Pole Beginner Tutorials to get you started & show you what’s crucial at the beginning of your pole journey & how you can improve your skills even more from home. Take the opportunity to practice on your own at home with our Pole Beginner Tutorials. We wish you a lot of fun!


Climbs form an important basis in pole dancing. But they are not only a means to an end, but can become a highlight through the diverse execution and a dance touch. How Climbs work theoretically & practically and also become a beautiful element, you will learn in this video. In this way, you not only make life easier for yourself when climbing, but also inspire your spectators.

Floor to Pole & return

As the saying goes: Many roads lead to the pole! But what do all these paths look like? Because let’s be honest, most of the time, for example, you always get up in the same way or come to the ground in the same way. So that you can get rid of this and make full use of all the ways to the pole in the future, we’ll show you 5 great ways from the floor to the pole and back in this tutorial, which you can super incorporate into your freestyle sessions.

"You trainers always make everything look so easy & perfect".

A saying we often hear. But what is it about pole movement, whether spin or trick, that makes it look so perfect and effortless? Here are a few small but crucial tips:

Beginning & end of the movement

Always be aware of where a spin or trick begins & ends and place accents there. Always execute the move completely without shortening it. By pausing briefly in the last position of the move or in the desired trick, you strengthen the effect and dance your movements more clearly.


An upright and proud posture is crucial. It's not just about a straight back, but the posture of your whole body, including your head. Try to point your head forward and avoid looking at the floor.

Point Point Point

And even if you can no longer hear the word: Beautiful lines are based on stretched knees and feet. Try to develop a higher awareness of your body and work on your tension. Are your knees extended and your feet in point, or are they perhaps not quite?

Spin Technique

One of the most important basics in pole dancing is the spin technique. Spins are omnipresent in every training or freestyle, but the base always remains the same. So once you learn the Spin Technique correctly, you can use it endlessly and make your further pole journey incredibly easier – moreover, it will make your spins not only flowing and beautiful, but also powerful and dynamic.

Basic Invert

Especially as a beginner, inverts are a challenge. They require not only strength, but also a lot of technique. In this video we go into detail about the basic invert and give you numerous tips & tricks.

Pole training at home

There are also poles for home, which can be conveniently clamped between the floor & ceiling (without any screws). However, the purchase of your own pole needs to be considered carefully, as they cost between CHF 250.- and 350.- – but they will last a pole’s lifetime. We recommend to buy only poles from a trustworthy manufacturer, because we would like to avoid any “pole-fails”. Here you can find the X-Poles for your training at home. You have another pole in mind? We will be happy to advise you, just contact us by email.

Pole training in the studio

You want to train regularly for you, but you have no space or pole at home? No problem, we have the solution! With the Studio Access you get your own badge and your personal access to our studio 7 days a week. Train when and how you want, no matter if pole dance, floor flow, pilates, stretching or strength training. We provide you with the space or a pole and you will also find various aids in the studio, such as yoga mats, blocks, weights, balls, etc..

Still want to expand your training?

Have questions about your training or your pole journey in general? Contact us via email, social media or talk to us directly on site in person. We are happy to help you at any time.