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Enjoy the sensual, sexy side of pole dancing with Heels Flow


We are known for our heels lessons and teach choreography as well as basic and advanced heels techniques.


We specialize in the flow around the poles and show you how to seamlessly combine pole moves. You’re sure to find your own flow with us.


With highly qualified trainers & over 12 years of experience in teaching pole dance, we are leaders in our field and are constantly developing.

Heels Flow: Discover the sensual world of pole dancing

Welcome to the world of Heels Flow, also known as Exotic Pole Dance, in which we specialize. Our passion lies in exploring the sensual side of pole dancing and experiencing the sexy side of this dance style through our Heels Flow lessons.

Smooth and sensual movements in the Exotic Pole

Our unique Heels Flow lessons allow you to glide smoothly on the lower third of the pole and across the floor in ever-changing, sensual choreographies. We present different styles, from the classic “Oldschool Stripper Style” to the fascinating “Russian Style” – everything is included.

Heels & Edge Work

The lessons not only teach a variety of dance styles, but also the correct technique for handling the pole heels, as this is essential. We attach great importance to you being able to move confidently, safely and skillfully around the poles in heels. Because only with the right technique, the so-called “heels & edge work”, can a sensual flow be created. But this technique in particular is not easy and requires practice and experience. In the lessons, we give you various tips and tricks to help you perfect your edge work.

Heels Flow is a captivating workout experience

Heels Flow is more than just a workout – it’s an experience that challenges you physically while liberating your sensual expression. With every dance step in our Exotic lessons, you not only increase your fitness, but also achieve a new level of expression and elegance. Dancing combos or entire choreographies also requires a lot of strength in the ankles and, above all, a lot of stamina – so you will also experience a top-class cardio workout.

Discover the world of exotic pole dancing with us

Join us and discover the fascinating world of exotic pole dance. Experience how Heels Flow and the sensual expression of dance merge to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Build-up Heels Flow Levels

Start with the Heels Basics lessons and then go through the individual levels step by step.

Heels Basics

New to pole dancing with heels? This is the perfect class for you!

In our lessons we start by mobilizing the body and joints, and then focus on strengthening the ankles. We then focus on various basic heels techniques. At the end of the lesson we dance a combo.

A minimum of 12 Pole Basics classes is required. You must be solid with: Spin technique, Basic climb & spins, Pole seat, Knee holds from floor, Pirouette, Transitions

Heels Basics

Heels Level 1

Have you attended at least 12 Heels Basics courses? Then this is your next level!

Heels Skills 1
We focus on the technical aspect of heel flow. Expand your skills with different combos and themes.

Heels Flow 1
Learn a seductive choreography to a song and combine sensual dancing with an effective cardio workout.

A minimum of 12 Heels Basics classes is required. You must be solid with: Ankle Control in Pirouette, Edge Control, Static Spin Technique

Heels Level 1

Heels Level 2

Heels & Have you already mastered Edge Control perfectly? Then this is the right level for you.

Heels Skills 2
Here we focus on the technical aspect of heel flow. Expand your knowledge & skills with different combos and themes.

Heels Flow 2
Learn a sensual choreography to a great song including cardio training.

Heels & edge control, Static spin technique, Shoulderstand (no pole), Lifted straddle on pole, Forearm stand

Heels Level 2
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Class Passes

Whether you are new to us or not –
with the Class Passes you can attend flexible heels skills & flow lessons of your choice.

2 for 1

2 classes for 1
CHF 49 for 2 classes
  • 2 Classes
  • Valid 1 month

1 Class Pass

Single Class Pole, Heels, Floor, etc.
CHF 49 per class
  • 1 Single Class
  • Valid 1 month

5 Class Pass

Pole, Heels, Floor, etc.
CHF 220 44.- per class
  • 5 Classes
  • Valid 3 months