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Your complementary training at home

You have ascended to the Exotic Heaven?

We give you four Heels Intermediate Tutorials on the way & show you what is crucial on the way to the Exotic Queen & how you can improve your heels skills even further from home. For im Take the chance and take the time to practice on your own at home with our Heels Intermediate Tutorials. This training can do wonders for your further exotic journey. Have fun!

Heels Conditioning

Good heels conditioning is the be-all and end-all of any exotic unit. Especially the ankles and calves are in the focus of this style and have to defy many forces, packed in heels. To prepare you for your workouts with heels, we have put together a selection of different exercises. How intensive you want to make your conditioning training is up to you. However, the exercises can easily be integrated into your regular training program – repetition is queen.


Your feet and calves are under constant stress in Exotic. Therefore, they not only want to be strengthened, but also stretched. An appropriate cool down after each workout is important. It prevents injuries and positively influences the recovery phase and the next training session.

"Somehow I just can't get it to look like what the pros do"

Once you’ve got the basics down, the feeling often creeps in that you’re just never going to get “perfect.” But wait, here are a few thoughts that will help you get over that feeling:


We all have our own individual style, including you! Remember, it's not primarily about copying someone, but rather staying true to your style. The higher the level, the more you can work on developing your individual "flavor".


Musicality also has a great influence on the overall result. Don't dance purely "technically", but pay at least as much attention to really listening to the music and thus also to the tempo and mood of the music.

Practice practice practice

Decisive for the overall effect of an exotic choreo are also the many individual, sometimes tiny details. Now that you are able to move with basic confidence, you have time to pay attention to these very details and thus hone your perfection.

Slides & Turns

Sliding across the floor with the heels not only looks super sexy, but is also the basis for a great exotic flow. But the skillful use of the heels has to be learned. Even if turns & slides with the heels don’t just work out right away, with our tips and tricks you will learn the techniques from scratch and nothing will stand in the way of your sexy dance in heels.


The Hairsplash, the head swing, the so-called “Figure 8” and how all these head movements are still called, are part of almost every Exotic Choreography. But there is much more to a sexy hairsplash than simply “circling” your head. How to move your head seductively without damaging your neck and without losing control of your hair, you will learn in this tutorial.

Pole training at home

There are also poles for home, which can be conveniently clamped between the floor & ceiling (without any screws). However, the purchase of your own pole needs to be considered carefully, as they cost between CHF 250.- and 350.- – but they will last a pole’s lifetime. We recommend to buy only poles from a trustworthy manufacturer, because we would like to avoid any “pole-fails”. Here you can find the X-Poles for your training at home. You have another pole in mind? We will be happy to advise you, just contact us by email.

Pole training in the studio

You want to train regularly for you, but you have no space or pole at home? No problem, we have the solution! With the Studio Access you get your own badge and your personal access to our studio 7 days a week. Train when and how you want, no matter if pole dance, floor flow, pilates, stretching or strength training. We provide you with the space or a pole and you will also find various aids in the studio, such as yoga mats, blocks, weights, balls, etc..

Still want to expand your training?

Have questions about your training or your pole journey in general? Contact us via email, social media or talk to us directly on site in person. We are happy to help you at any time.