Lap Dance Kurse Studio Zürich


Get Closer!

Get into the game of seduction with lap dance

Lap dance is all about your senses, sensuality and strength.

Here you consolidate your self-confidence and practice to feel absolutely comfortable in your body. If you think that the focus of lap dancing is on the dancer, you are wrong. Because here it is mainly about yourself, the control is yours alone.

We focus on different techniques and moves and move around the pole, along the wall, on the floor or around and on the chair, depending on the situation. Our focus is especially on your own mood. After all, what is more attractive than a strong and self-confident charisma!

Our lap dance lessons and mini courses are suitable for everyone and do not require any knowledge. It doesn’t matter if you already have dance experience or how athletic you are: Lap Dance welcomes everyone. Here you can let your individuality run free and move sensually to the music. The focus is clearly on fun and enjoyment. At the same time you train your body, increase your flexibility and improve your coordination and balance.

We move partly standing, partly on the floor and also learn different moves on the chair, partly with more or less acrobatic components. All moves work with or without heels, so you are free to decide if you want to dance barefoot or with shoes.

Lap Dance Kurse Zürich

We always adjust the difficulty of the movements to the individual needs and make sure that at the end of each lesson or course you have learned a choreography that suits you and brings you joy.

During each lesson you will work with a second person, taking turns. Unlike chair dancing, lap dancing requires one person to sit on the chair to “secure” the chair. However, it is not necessary to sign up with a second person. We make sure that each student has a partner. During the lessons we make sure that all participants are comfortable and respect the personal limits of each person.