Lap Dance Kurse Studio Zürich
Get Closer!

Get involved in the game of seduction with lap dancing


Learn not only great choreographies that you can expand yourself, but also all the important basics and techniques in lap dancing.


We specialize in flow and show you how to seamlessly combine lap moves. You’re sure to find your own flow of seduction with us.


With highly qualified trainers & over 12 years of experience in teaching, we are leaders in our field and are constantly developing.

Discover your sensuality with a lap dance class

Our lap dance lessons are all about developing your senses, discovering your sensuality and strengthening your personality. Here you will strengthen your self-confidence and learn to feel completely at ease in your own body.

Contrary to common assumptions that lap dancing is all about the dancer, the focus here is on yourself – you are in complete control. Our lap dance lessons focus on a variety of techniques and movements around the pole, along the wall, on the floor and on and around the chair. In lap dance, we place particular emphasis on developing your personal charisma, because what could be more attractive than a strong and confident presence!

No previous knowledge is required for lap dancing.

The lap dance lessons are suitable for everyone, regardless of previous dance knowledge or sporting experience. Here you can freely express your individuality and move sensually to the music. We attach great importance to the fact that fun and enjoyment come first. At the same time, you train your body, improve your flexibility and coordination and improve your balance.

Lap Dance Kurse Studio Zürich

Learn lap dance moves & tricks on the floor, standing or with a chair

In the lap dance lessons we dance partly standing, partly on the floor and also learn various moves on the chair, some with more or less acrobatic elements. All moves are possible both with and without heels. You are free to choose whether you want to dance barefoot or in pole heels. We always adapt the level of difficulty of the moves to your individual needs and ensure that at the end of each lesson or course you have learned a suitable choreography that you enjoy.

Alone or with a dance partner, learn the art of seduction

In our lap dance classes, you work together with a partner, taking turns. Especially for the moves on the chair, it is important that one person sits on the chair to stabilize it. However, you do not necessarily have to bring your own partner – we organize the pairings for all participants. In our lap dance classes, we make sure that all participants feel comfortable and respect the individual limits of each person.

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Class Passes

Whether you are new to us or not – with the Class Passes you can attend lessons of your choice.

2 for 1

2 classes for 1
CHF 49 for 2 classes
  • 2 Classes
  • Valid 1 month

1 Class Pass

Single Class Pole, Heels, Lap, etc.
CHF 49 per class
  • 1 Single Class
  • Valid 1 month

5 Class Pass

Pole, Heels, Lap, etc.
CHF 220 44.- per class
  • 5 Classes
  • Valid 3 months