Stretching Course Zürich


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Increase your mobility and agility with targeted stretching


Learn different techniques and exercises in the stretching lessons & increase your flexibility.


Take part in our online stretching lessons and stretch from the comfort of your own home via Zoom video call.


With highly qualified trainers and over 12 years of teaching experience, we are leaders in our field and are constantly developing.

Get flexible and powerful with a stretching class

In our stretching lessons, we combine active and passive stretching exercises to make your body not only more flexible but also stronger.

The strength you gain is not only important for pole dancing, but also for everyday life. It helps to release tension, improve flexibility and correct posture. This leads to a reduction in incorrect posture and evasive movements, which significantly reduces the risk of injury and contributes to an overall healthier body image.

Stretching class including fascia and mobility training

Our stretching program also includes specific fascia training and mobility exercises that help to increase flexibility and keep muscles supple. A supple, flexible and strong body is beneficial for everyone, regardless of sporting activity. It improves general health, helps to reduce stress and increases well-being in everyday life. Our goal is to accompany you on your personal path to more flexibility and strength.

Stretching Flexibility Kurs Zürich

Increase your flexibility, strength and balance

Our stretching lessons are open to everyone, regardless of your fitness level or experience in pole dancing. We emphasize individual attention and adapt the exercises to the needs of our participants. With a holistic approach that focuses on flexibility, strength and balance, we help you achieve your goals and strengthen your body in a variety of ways.

In addition to the obvious benefits for pole dancing, you can benefit from increased performance in various sporting activities as well as in everyday life. The stretching and strengthening of the body that you learn will help to reduce stress and improve your ability to relax.

Stretching class for a more flexible, stronger and healthier body

Our experienced trainers are ready to guide you on your journey to a more flexible, stronger and healthier body. Immerse yourself in the world of stretching and experience how this practice can enrich not only your athletic performance, but also your entire life.

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Class Passes

Whether you are new to us or not – with the Class Passes you can attend flexible stretching lessons of your choice.

1 Class Pass

CHF 30 per class
  • 1 Single Class
  • Valid for 1 month

5 Class Pass

CHF 125 25.- per class
  • 5 Classes
  • Valid for 2 months

1 Class Pass Online

Stretching Online (Zoom)
CHF 20 per class
  • 1 Single Class
  • Valid for 1 month

5 Class Pass Online

Stretching Online (Zoom)
CHF 75 15.- per class
  • 5 Online Classes
  • Valid for 2 months