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Grip Aid Guide

The Grip Aid Guide for pole dancers – from Better Grip and Monkey Hands to Grip + Glow. We present the most important grip aids for your pole dance training.

Pole dance is a challenging and dynamic form of fitness and artistic expression that requires a combination of strength, flexibility, and skill. One crucial aspect of mastering pole dancing is having a good grip. On the one hand, that has to do with strength. On the other hand, there are options for you to improve your grip, no matter if it’s due to lack of strength or to dry or moist skin.

For those cases, you’ll want to have a reliable grip aid to ensure a secure hold on the pole. In this blog post, we’ll explore three popular grip aids – Better Grip, Monkey Hands and Grip + Glow – and guide you on when to use each for optimal performance and safety.

Better Grip: Chalk for less slipping due to sweat

Better Grip is based on chalk and is quite versatile, suitable for your hands, your body as well as the pole itself. Its effectiveness lies in drying out your hands or the area you applied it on and repelling water/moisture to maintain a dry and secure grip.

This grip aid serves as an excellent initial choice if you’re uncertain about what might suit your needs. To use, apply the grip to your hands and distribute it evenly. For enhanced grip, spread it on the pole or points of body contact, allowing it to dry for approximately 15 seconds.

Monkey Handy: Adding stickiness for a better grip

Monkey Hands is an innovative gel designed to enhance the grip for pole dancers, offering four distinct formulas to cater to various preferences. The options include Classic, Sticky, Gluey. Classic variation provides a subtle additional grip, effectively combating perspiration. On the other hand, Sticky and Gluey formulations deliver a more robust grip, making them ideal for beginners or individuals dealing with very sweaty palms.

Among the formulas, Gluey stands out as it is resin-based and boasts the highest level of stickiness. Remarkably, despite its potency, Gluey is easy to wash off, setting it apart from other resin-based products.

Grip + Glow: Moisture for a better grip

Tailored for application on the body, Grip + Glow is a game-changer, especially during the winter season when the air is dry or in the summer when your body may not be warm enough. Its special formula excels in drawing moisture to improve grip, helping your skin adhere seamlessly to the pole during various maneuvers.

In addition, Grip + Glow contains many other ingredients that add to your skincare and continue to draw moisture into the skin and then lock it in to give you moisturized and glowing skin.

Same same but different - find your individual best fit

Choosing the right grip aid for pole dancing is crucial for a successful and enjoyable experience. For a comprehensive approach, we recommend using Grip + Glow for the body and either Better Grip or Monkey Hands for the hands. This combination ensures that you’re well-prepared for pole dancing, allowing you to experiment with grip aids to find the perfect match for your individual needs. 

In the long run, while grip aids provide valuable assistance, consider gradually reducing dependency as you develop strength and technique, reserving them for specific situations like shows, competitions, very long training sessions, or periods when your skin experiences extreme moisture or dryness.

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