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Overcoming insecurities

We’re aware that starting something new can be not just exciting but also challenging. A new place, new people, new things to learn—essentially, many unknowns 🙂. In the case of Pole Dance, these unknowns are often associated with specific fears or points of discomfort:

Lack of (body) confidence

We understand that embracing yourself and feeling confident, especially in a fitness community, might pose challenges, particularly if you’re not as experienced in self-acceptance. However, this journey isn’t about fear; it’s about eagerly anticipating self-discovery. At Gravity Arts, we wholeheartedly welcome everyone, irrespective of fitness level, body shape, or the length of time you’ve been active. Our pole community values diversity immensely, and we take pride in celebrating every individual. Our goal is to empower you, both mentally and physically, fostering an environment where self-love thrives.

You might initially feel self-conscious about the mirrors in the classroom or feel uncertain about pole dancing’s feminine and sensual aspects. Rest assured, with time and repeated experiences, not only will you become more comfortable seeing yourself, but you’ll also master not just the moves but also the confidence that accompanies them. Ultimately, you’ll realize and appreciate your unique awesomeness.

Dress Code

First and foremost, there is no dress code! Initially, you’re free to wear more attire, ensuring only that your knees have exposed skin for better grip. After a year of pole dance practice, you’ll gradually advance to using other body parts to adhere to the pole, necessitating less clothing. For optimal performance in pole dancing, skin-to-pole contact is crucial for executing tricks and movements effectively.

Pole dancers often wear attire that reveals skin due to technical reasons; fabric tends not to adhere to regular poles, hindering the proper execution of moves. Additionally, pole dance classes are intensive workouts, causing warmth and leading many individuals to opt for fewer clothes. Moreover, the empowerment gained from pole dancing often makes dancers feel comfortable displaying their bodies.

Reactions of the environment

It’s true, not everyone readily embraces pole dance, and misunderstandings persist. Depending on the environment, starting pole dance might raise a few eyebrows. But remember, many things elicit disapproval from others—it’s your life, and their opinions shouldn’t hinder you. Consider this an opportunity to introduce fresh perspectives and contribute to the evolution of your surroundings.

Moreover, while some may initially be uncertain about your choice, rest assured there’s a community awaiting you with open arms right from the beginning. Importantly, no one is obligated to disclose their participation in this sport. In our classes, filming or photography will only occur with your explicit consent, respecting your privacy and comfort.

Lack of strength

We completely understand the concern about strength in pole dance, but let’s address this together: every one of us started as a beginner, none possessing superhero strength from the outset. Besides, pole dance isn’t solely reliant on strength; technique plays a crucial role. As you refine your technique, executing pole moves becomes more manageable.

In our classes, we incorporate specific strength exercises to prepare you for future pole tricks that require strength. However, it’s important to note that not every move demands immense strength. You’ll be surprised to discover that after your first lesson, you can already learn and perform certain tricks. So, please don’t let concerns about strength deter you from starting your pole journey; it’s a gradual process where strength development aligns with improving technique.

Scared of classmates or social anxiety

Joining a pole lesson and mingling with new people might initially seem daunting. However, we firmly believe that fostering a sense of community can empower and strengthen individuals. Our clients span various ages, body types, and genders, creating a wonderfully diverse and inclusive environment.

At Gravity Arts, we’re dedicated to offering more than just pole lessons; we aim to provide you with a second home—a place where you feel entirely comfortable, safe and welcomed. Our instructors not only ensure the safety of each lesson but also prioritize creating a supportive space where any insecurity you might feel is acknowledged and addressed.

The pole dance community, as you’ll discover, is incredibly diverse and open-minded, welcoming everyone wholeheartedly. Together, we thrive and grow stronger. Remember, you’re not alone—we’re here to support each other every step of the way.

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