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Spinning Pole – friend or enemy?

The question is controversially discussed and opinions can differ greatly: Is the Spinning Pole friend or enemy? But no matter to which camp you belong to, there are little tips and tricks to make Spinning Pole more enjoyable.

About flying and the stars

But what is it all about? Nowadays almost all poles can be set to both “static” and “spinning”. While in “static” the poles don’t move any further, in “spinning” they rotate around their own axis, i.e. you automatically rotate with them as soon as you leave the ground and the whole thing reminds a bit of a carousel. And that’s exactly the crux of the matter: If you’re not so “carousel-proof”, at least in the beginning, the world can get out of joint for a short time and you can see many small stars. At the same time, the spinning effect gives you the feeling of flying and weightlessness even stronger and certain tricks are much easier to perform at the spinning pole than at the static pole.

Hate it or love it

At Gravity Arts, Spinning Pole is simply a part of it and so every third week all the lessons take place at the Spinning Pole. The reactions to this are very different: from joyful shouting to narrowed eyes and a slightly distorted face. It doesn’t matter if you are an advanced or a beginner, you basically love or hate Spinning Pole. While some people can hardly wait to finally “take off” and surrender to the centrifugal force, others would like to throw an anchor weighing tons and seek access to the ground again as soon as possible. Most of the time these preferences don’t change over time and so there are some of our trainers who are looking forward to the Spinning Week and others who turn their eyes away and arm themselves – we all know which trainer belongs to which species ;).

How spinning becomes more pleasant

But leaving personal preferences aside, there are one or two things that can make the Spinning Pole experience a little easier: We recommend that you come to the Spinning Pole lesson not completely sober. Contrary to the common idea that an empty stomach helps, it is better to eat something before the lesson. But be careful: Make sure to eat something about 1-1.5 hours before the lesson and not directly before! A proven remedy for Spinning Pole complaints is ginger. No matter if you eat ginger tea, ginger water or ginger as a snack, the ginger root will make you less dizzy and your stomach will rebel less. Unlike pirouetting in ballet, it is not recommended to fix a point in space at the spinning pole. The Pole is simply too fast to keep an eye on this point. It is much better if you fix the poles themselves or a part of your body, because they rotate with you. In this way you limit the perception of the rotation a little bit and the world does not get completely out of control. One of our trainers also claims stiffly and firmly that spinning poles upside down is much more pleasant. This is probably a rather individual coping strategy – but who knows, maybe it will be useful for you 😉  

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