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Hello from the other side

If you now think of the song by Adele, you’re not entirely wrong. It’s really about “the other side”, which sometimes seems to be miles away, although it’s actually very close. Therefore: Hello – from the other side. In this article we explain why it is important not to ignore it.

Welcome to the other side

We all have it: one side of the body that is not quite as strong as the other. Usually it is the left side for right-handed people and the right side for left-handed people. And most of the time, a certain imbalance always remains, no matter how balanced you make your training.

Nevertheless, it helps enormously if you also train the “dark” side, because it can also be strengthened and improved. This makes sense especially against the background of versatility: If both sides are well trained, both sides can be used and deployed. This also maximizes the number of tricks and transitions. Last but not least, you are freer and more flexible in the design of combos and choreos and will not experience any unpleasant surprises if – as will inevitably happen – you end up on the “other” side.

Potential instead of weakness

The fact is that one-sided training promotes imbalance in the body and certain muscle parts thus become much stronger than others. This not only affects training, but also everyday life, and the resulting imbalance also increases the general risk of injury.

It is helpful not to think of a “bad” or “weaker” side, but much more of a “more potential” side. Because strictly speaking, the less strengthened side of your body has much more potential. Potential you can work on and develop – so actually much more possibilities ­čśë Not to mention that your mindset has a very big effect and with positive thoughts you are also much more likely to have positive experiences and achieve positive results.

That’s exactly why we at Gravity Arts always talk about the potential side and make sure to train and promote it as well. In this sense: Embrace your dark side and reach your full potential!

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